Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Boy Ain't No Dummy!

Earlier today a funny (and telling) moment occurred. I had just stopped by Starbuck's for a little caffeine pick-me-up, and since it was rainy and because Johnathan was in the car with me I used the drive-thru. As we were about to pull out the guy who helped me wished us a wonderful afternoon and then I started to drive soon as the car started moving I hear Johnathan say "fries?!!" No doubt my habit of hitting the drive-thru for burgers and sides has caught up with me! Isn't it funny how much a little toddler can pick up on?!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, if he knows when we're in the fast food drive thru I wonder just how many other things he understands! He will be a good little "conscience" just like Jiminy Cricket, that's for sure!

This week we took Johnathan and my cousin Arden out to see Christmas lights. We had noticed in the past couple of weeks how much Monkey enjoys looking at the few houses that are lit up in our neighborhood...each time we drive by them he says "more, more." So we knew that finding a neighborhood that was really in the Christmas spirit would be a fun place to take our little Baby J. We asked around and were told of a neighborhood fairly close by that really decks the halls. When we got there we let Johnathan out of his car seat, and as we inched slowly by each house he would exclaim his excitement as he crawled from window to window, trying to see all there was to take in. It was really fun, and as a parent I especially enjoyed seeing my sweet boy having a good time.

I am up to my elbows in gift-making & laundry, so I had better cut this short. I just wanted to update y'all really quick with a couple things that have gone on with us this week. Merry Christmas!



Anonymous said...

Awe, how cute, he sure does pay attention!


KellyW said...

Isn't is crazy how much they are noticing?? Ryan freaks out when I get stuff at the drive-thru since he thinks there should be a Happy Meal for him all the time too ;-)

Gail said...

Little J sure is smart! I loved hearing about your drive-thru experience. :)Also the Christmas lights...there's nothing like experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a child. Soak it up.

Love you,