Saturday, January 30, 2010

Proud of our Firefighter!

This past Thursday, Johnathan's Tio/Aaron's brother, David, graduated from the Houston Fire Academy and is now officially a firefighter for the Houston Fire Department! We were able to take a trip to Houston to be with David and the rest of the family, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time, and are especially proud of David and all that he has accomplished! Here are a few pictures of our trip!

Our hotel, The Inn at the Ballpark...quite nice, and it had tons of baseball photos and memorabilia...just perfect for Johnathan!

David and his fellow academy brothers during a house-fire simulation.

Getting out of all that heavy (but extremely important and lifesaving!) gear...I think that all together they wear about 80 pounds of gear!

Dr. Aldape and Firefighter Aldape...what awesome brothers!!!

Ava & Johnathan, hanging like little monkeys! Too cute!

David heading up the procession down to graduation! (*Sorry for the bad pic, but you get the idea!*)
Way to go David, we're so proud of you!!!

*****I'll be back shortly with a Belly Baby Baby Bump post! ;)*****


Gail said...

This is really neat, Gracie...and how sweet it is for you to honor your brother-in-law on your blog. What an accomplishment. Everybody must be so proud of him. Looks like you had an exciting trip, too. :) The hotel looks fun!

Love & hugs,


Kayla said...

Thanks for honoring my sweet husband!!! We enjoyed getting to spend this special day with y'all thanks for being a part of it. Love you guys!!!