Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mom's the Word

It's not often that you get to see both of your mothers in one day...but today is a blessed day for me because I've had the pleasure of being with my mother-in-law who has been here since Monday - and after my MIL headed back up to big D earlier today, my own dear mommy flew down to be with me for a few days! Two moms in one day, what an awesome thing! Johnathan is getting in plenty of Nana/Grammy time, and I am getting the wonderful help that I need! Thanks be to God for grandmas who are willing to help...and for grandpas who send their mates as an extension of their own love! (Thanks Grandpa, Thanks Papi!)

Not much has gone on in the past few days...other than a new year beginning---Happy Twenty-Ten everyone! We've just been chillin' at the hive, and Daddy Bee has been working hard to bring home the honey. Mommy Bee has been busy making Baby Bee and Johnny Bee has been busy enjoying his Christmas toys and just plain making a mess of the general state of things...but in a good way! ;) Life is NOT dull with our little Baby J. running around---and that's a good thing!

Alrighty folks, I'm off to be pampered, haha! See you later!



Gail said...

Glad Mom got in safely and that you are being so well cared for!

Love you,


Aldape family said...

Mom is definitly the word!!!....So glad you have two very lovly ones to help take care of you. Enjoy your mom!
Love ya,

goatpod2 said...

Take care and Happy New Year and enjoy your time with your Mom.