Friday, February 26, 2010

Big Boy Undies!

Wednesday I went with sweet little Monkey to Target, and we bought some "big boy" underwear for Johnathan as he begins potty training!!! Woohoo!!! We have a small training toilet that we purchased a week or so ago, and that, combined with his new undies...and lots and lots of patience (and probably laundry!) on mommy's going to translate into the phase of transitioning from diapers to diaper-free!!! Hopefully by the time little brother comes along Johnathan will be able to say..."I'm a big boy now!"

My sweet little Monkey...before his latest hair cut! Look at those "bangs!"

First time wearing his big boy underwear!!!

More power to ya!

This boy LOVES is one of his newest ones, which of course he figured out in no time at all...we are now working on mastering jigsaw puzzles, which have proven to be a bit more challenging for Johnathan...which is just what he was needing!

Picking his first wedgie! Haha! Oh, boy, is he going to kill me later over these pictures or what?!!

What a cute little undies boy!!!

Happy Friday/Weekend, Y'all!!!



Anonymous said...

LOL at these pictures, saw them on Facebook though.


Gail said...

Oh my Johnathan is so cute! He's growing up so fast!!! What a big boy he already is. :)

Love you all,


KellyW said...

Good luck with the PT! Ryan isn't anywhere near ready yet. I am, but am being!