Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feeling Swell!

My dad has a funny way...with no harm intended of course!...of complimenting pregnant women who have a sense of humor..."You're looking swell!" Well, that is just how I feel right about now, except that swollen might be a more appropriate term! Haha! The last week+ has played a number on my body and my feet are taking the brunt of the water retention, which btw, has started to really pack on the lbs. When you gain over 5 pounds in a week you know that something is up!

I went to my doctor earlier this week to see if the water retention was having any effect on my blood pressure...or vice versa, however it works. With Johnathan I put on a ton of water weight a few weeks prior to my due date, and my bp went way up so he ended up arriving 3 weeks early...I wanted to make sure that wasn't happening again with this one, or if it was to get prepared for an earlier than expected delivery.

Long story short, my bp has started to go up, nothing major yet, but something that will have to be monitored more closely. I have gone through a 2-dose round of steroid shots to help mature our little guy's lungs in case he makes an early appearance. I also had a sonogram done to measure the size of the baby (5 pounds, 5 ounces approx!) and to check on the fluid in my uterus...all looks great with baby and fluid. I also had a couple of non stress tests done on the baby...just measuring the heart rate for an extended period of time to check out where the baseline is and all...and that looks great too.

SO, what does this mean??? Just doing what I can to keep the water weight off as much as possible...extremely minimal salt intake, resting my feet, drinking lots of water myself, and just waiting to see what happens. I go back to my doctor Monday to check things out. Also, I have been having weekly visits from a nursing agency that comes to my home to check my bp, check the baby's heart rate and also to give me my weekly progesterone shot...I am waiting as I type for my sweet nurse, Stacey, to come and so I'll get to see what my bp is today. PLUS, I always have Aaron to check up on me...which he does, frequently, at my request! Sure is nice having a doctor in-house!

Pray that our little guy stays in at least another couple of weeks!!! And, if you're not too grossed out by seeing horribly ugly feet, check out these babies! Pretty nasty, right?!! ;)

YUCK!!! Haha!!!



goatpod2 said...

Take care & God bless you and your family!


KellyW said...

Bless your heart! My feet looked exactly like that with Ryan and I was SO glad when it all went away!

Gail said...

Awww Gracie. I feel so bad for you and your swollen feet. Take it'll all be over soon. In the meantime, I'll be praying for the health of you and the baby.

Love & hugs,