Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Noodle, a Raisin, What's Next...a T-Bone Steak???

(Thanks, Dad, for the steak inspiration, haha!)

This morning started off fairly normal...6:30 am and I hear the little pitter-patter of Johnathan's feet as he walked toward my side of the bed...his face bright and cheery as he said "hi!" and gave me his cutest little boy good-morning smile! Ever since he moved into his new bed his little body-clock goes off usually around 6, so getting the extra 30 minutes today was nice!

Breakfast went off without a hitch until I heard "pasa (raisin), nose", and saw Johnathan scratching at his right nostril...ugh! We've been through this song and dance before, with a noodle, so I knew what was coming if our own resident doc couldn't manage to remove the offending piece of food from Johnathan's nose. After examining his little patient, Dr. Aldape could see the raisin way back in Johnathan's nose, but couldn't suction it, one phone call later and we were directed to head to Johnathan's pedi who is probably the best pediatrician in the world! ;)

Thankfully, our beloved Dr. Cortes was able to retrieve the raisin with some really long and skinny forceps (which Aaron is going to have to invest in because although I don't think that a t-bone steak will fit up Monkey's nose, I am sure that he will try to shove other objects up there in the future, and having the correct instruments on hand to remove whatever crazy thing goes up there next will be a huge help!).

Anyways, long story short...and to document this occasion for future reference...Johnathan's nose is free of any foreign are his ears, Dr. Cortes checked them too just to make sure!...and since it was such an ordeal to get that dang raisin out, Johnathan is now peacefully taking an unheard of mid-morning nap! Haha! At least now I know how to get a good nap out of him...although I really don't recommend having to restrain your child who is kicking and screaming like a maniac because his nose is being dug into in order to get him worn out...but it did the trick today! Small favors!

I am off to go "nesting" while Monkey is asleep!



Gail said...

Oh wow. What a morning! I'm glad Johnathan is okay...and that you're getting a little nesting in, too!

Love & hugs,


Courtney Elizabeth said...

Oh dear.... the things little boys do! Curtis did that with a lego about a year ago. Except that he had to go to the Emergency Room because it was too far up his nose. Hehe, it was sad then, but funny now!

goatpod2 said...

Oh my goodness!