Saturday, May 8, 2010

Monkey Goes to the Zoo!!!

A couple of weekends ago we met up with my sweet parents and sister, Greta, in San Antonio. This past Christmas our family focused on togetherness gifts, and our gift from my folks was a weekend trip to the zoo in San Antonio...sort of our "half-way" point in between both of our homes. Needless to say those types of gifts are the best, time with family is always a blessing, and making memories to enjoy for years to come is the best type of gift investment! Thank you SO much, Dad & Mom, for the fantastic weekend that you planned for us! It was amazing!

Like most little kids, Johnathan loves animals...he enjoys reading about them in his books, seeing the simple variety that we have outside our door, and watching them in movies. So, needless to say I knew that he would have a blast seeing the animals that he's read about in real life. And, just as I predicted, he LOVED his first trip to the zoo! I had so much fun watching him look at all the animals...and the more he asked "more a-mals" the happier I got. It was just the best!

Here we are enjoying the zoo & the rest of our fun trip in San Antonio, Texas!

Dada & Monkey on the Komodo Dragon!

Mama, Monkey & Dada...and Belly Baby too of course!

Monkey watching the monkeys!

My sweet momma and lovely sister, Greta!

We got to watch the trainers feed the was pretty cool, and man, those things make some very scary hissing noises!

Seeing the sweet little animals at the petting zoo.

Posing next to the elephant!

The ladies!

Sweet Belly Baby!

Our sweet little munchkin at 30 weeks, 6 days old in the belly!

Biggest and littlest sis!

My sweet "baby" sister, Grebbie!

Enjoying our last moments at the zoo...our little Monkey was getting a bit tired!

Mama & Monkey!

After a little rest following our trip to the zoo we got ready to go walk around the Riverwalk on the way to our dinner destination.

My sweet hubby and me with our newest blessing!

Johnathan and "Gampa" watching a parade that was going on in downtown San Antonio.

Tell me that these guys don't look alike! I LOVE this picture! Like father, like son!

Driving home Sunday afternoon...what a sweet boy...he LOVES his "Croaker" and "chupi" at naptime!

Thank you again Dad and Mom for the wonderful gift! We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and had the best time hanging out with you all! LOVE YOU, BIG TIME!!!!!!!!



goatpod2 said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Won't be long until your sweet Belly Baby is here.


KellyW said...

Yay for the zoo!! We want to take Ryan soon as well. I love San Antonio too!