Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well folks, it was a long night here at the Aldape household last night...and that isn't a rare occurrence these days. Seems like every other night is a rough one, for one reason or another, and usually the reason is little mister Eli, sometimes Johnathan, sometimes both! Poor little Eli has tummy issues it seems, and he prefers to wiggle all his little toots out, grunting and crying, at night. Some nights he'll sleep like an angel, getting up only to eat and then going back down to sleep...but that isn't often, unfortunately. And Johnathan, well who knows why he gets up in the middle of the night, probably from hearing Eli cry! Duh! The other night I woke up to Johnathan sitting right in between me and Aaron in our bed...neither of us heard him or felt him get up there! Sorta freaked me out a bit!

Anyways, I was just thinking today about how oblivious children are to how their little antics affect their parents. Like last night, Eli decided to wake up at 3 a.m. and didn't want to go down again until the sun had already started to rise this morning! After getting up enough muster to eek out a poop, he was content to let me feed him and hold him...but forget putting him in his bed, he wasn't having any of that! And I thought to myself...he has no clue how tired I am, and how should he know, he's a baby, oblivious to everything except for his own needs..and that's how it's supposed to be.

After a rough few hours I had just started to doze off after Eli finally went to sleep, and then Johnathan, our early bird, woke up and came into our room to get me up. Luckily he let me lay in bed for a little while before urging me to get up because he was "hungy"...and it was another case of oblivion. Mama was tired and needed rest, but he needed to be fed and have his needs met more...and that's what being a mother is all about, I guess. Putting aside your own needs to serve the needs of your children. It's a honor, to be sure, to be the mother of my sweet boys...but let me say, it ain't easy!

I was reading another mom's blog earlier this week, and she shared this poem which she had found on a site that gives encouragement to moms. It is a great reminder that what I do is for Jesus, and that "doing unto the least of these" is the same as doing it for HIM.



Anonymous said...

Way to go, Gracie. I hope your nights get better and you're able to get more sleep! You're such a sweet momma to your boys.

Levi is walking now-like a little drunkard, but it's so cute!

Love you guys-

Gail said...

What I'm hearing you say is, "get my sleep while I can!" I don't feel like I get just a ton of sleep as it is, but after reading your post, I sure do!

I agree with Gwennie, you are such a sweet mom and have such a kind heart for your boys (and hubby, too!...they have needs ya know ;0)

Love you, Gracie. I hope you get a little shut-eye soon.



Kayla said...

Wow! I was feeling a little deprived today when I was waken up @ 7:30 by little misses! And then staying up way too "late!" ( 11:00).....Hang in there girl. You are doing a great job. ......I will be running to you for pointers when our 2nd one comes along.
I love hearing you speak of motherhood! What a blessing. You are so selfless and compassionate! Love ya girl!