Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Puttin' on the Lbs!!!

Well, mister Eli is starting to put on the lbs, that's for sure! He's getting some nice little baby chubbiness, and I just love the little rolls that are starting to form! Funny how rolls are so cute on babies but less than desirable on us bigger people! Here is our little guy in all his chunky, chubby baby glory!

Getting some nice soft round cheeks!

He is finally taking his Nuk paci...and he likes it a lot now during the day!

He is already fitting into 0-3 month size clothes...they are a bit big on him, but he's filling them out pretty good!

Sweet face!

He was so snuggly sleeping there on my pillow!

Okay, Mom, these next pics are for you...

...look at that arm chubbiness!

Fat belly! And look...he has an outie!


Rockin' the double chin!

His little legs are filling out too!

Here he is in his bed...notice how he fills it up much more than just a few week ago...

...this was about a month ago...he's growing so fast!!!

"Talking"...he makes the most sounds of any baby I've ever heard!

AND...for a bit of deja is Johnathan at about the same age that Eli is now...

...and here's Eli in a similar pose...look familiar?!!




goatpod2 said...

What a sweet chunky monkey!


Gail said...

Wow...he really has grown! I love the outie!


Auntie Fay

Mom said...

I love seeing how Eli is growing and putting on his chub! And thanks for the diaper pics ;) I had to enlarge them and look closely at all his blessed rolls! Love them. You are such a sweet and attentive mommy.

Missing you,


Kayla said...

What an absolute cutie!!! I have to agree with your mom, the diaper pics are my favorite! Hope you are doing well and enjoying your days with your sweet boys! So happy for y'all! Can't wait to meet little Eli and kiss little Johnathan! Miss y'all! ....Let me know when you are up for us coming down!....or you could come here if you are up for a little change of scenery! :) Love you all dearly and think of you all often!