Friday, July 23, 2010

Pity Party for One

Yesterday was my birthday, and for some reason I was completely emotional for a large part of the day. It didn't have anything to do with the fact that I am now officially in my last year in the 20's, although the idea off being a thirty-something isn't that thrilling. And it did have something to do with just being plain homesick and feeling like my b-day was just an ordinary day. Although, let me say thanks to those of you who dropped me a note or a call, that helped to brighten up my day. Call me sentimental, but I was reminiscing of all the great birthdays I'd had in the past, spent with family and feeling celebrated in a special way.

Growing up I always loved my birthday...loved the way that my folks made me feel like it was my special day starting out with my favorite birthday breakfast...loved the fun birthday dinners with grandparents and family...loved my favorite b-day dessert, angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream...loved just being surrounded by people who love me. And I guess that yesterday I just missed all of that even more, so I was a bit weepy.

Anyways, I just needed a bit of venting here on the good ol' blog. I suppose there's always another year to look forward to...although, next year is my big 3-0, so I can stand to wait awhile until it comes around!

Have a good Friday, y'all!!!


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