Saturday, July 3, 2010

Horrible Mommy Moment

I had one of those moments today that made me want to kick myself...

...I had just laid down on the couch, hoping to catch a few winks while the boys were taking their afternoon naps. Johnathan had gone down about an hour or so prior, and Eli had just fallen was the perfect set-up for me to get some shut-eye. Right as I started to doze off Johnathan comes walking out of his room, sorta sleepy-like, so I got up with the intention of trying to get him to go back to sleep. I rushed him to his room before he could fully wake up...not thinking to ask him if there was any specific reason why he had gotten out of bed. As I told him that mommy still needed her nap time, and that he needed to go back to his bed, he started to throw a fit...actually, it was more like a major tantrum...boy, was he going at it! I told him that he had to stay in his room until he could calm down, and I went back out to the living room to try to rest...yeah, well that didn't work since Johnathan was throwing the grand-daddy of all tantrums. So, instead I started on some laundry and waited for Johnathan to calm down so that I could go into his room to talk to him.

Well, he finally settled down after throwing an all-out fit for about 30 minutes, and I started to walk back to his room. As I walked into his room my mommy-sniffer picked up on what smelled like a dirty diaper...that's when I had the horrible feeling that he may have woken up and gotten out of bed to tell me that he had to go poop...we've been working on potty training and have had 2 pooping in the potty successes so far! I picked Johnathan up and he was still sniffling and wanted me to hold him tight...he is still a snuggler, which I love! I turned on the light, and asked him if he had gone poop in his diaper...I didn't need his confirmation, my nose could tell me that he had! As I laid him down to change him, I looked into his sweet little face and asked him if he had gotten out of bed to tell me he needed to poop...and this is what kills me...he looked up at me, chin still quivering and eyes still dripping those huge crocodile tears and said yes. Aah, kick me, please! For some reason he almost always poops around nap time/bedtime, and I don't know why I didn't think to ask him when he got out of bed...I guess the promise of me getting a nap was too alluring!

Anyways, after tears welled up in my own eyes, I gave him lots of hugs, told him that I was sorry that I had hadn't asked him about needing to use the restroom and then had forced him to stay in his room totally frustrated that I wouldn't pay attention to him when he was trying to tell me that he needed to potty. Like the sweet boy that he is, he forgave me instantly, and we walked out into the living room to continue our with eyes heavy, yet heart happy that Johnathan's little world was once again in order.


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Gail said...

Awww...Gracie. Don't beat yourself up too badly. You're a wonderful mother. ;0)

Glad Johnny finally got some relief, even if it wasn't in the potty! Ha!