Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"I'm Sorry, Mama"...

Today was Eli's 12 month check-up...stats further down in this post...and the visit to the doctor was at a tricky time...10:30 am, typically Eli's nap time and Johnathan's mid-morning snack time. So, needless to say the boys were a wee bit cranky as we loaded up in the car to go to the doctor. Once inside and in the room Johnathan really started to show his defiant side and would not listen to me for anything. As the nurse came in and started to ask all the typical check-up questions I was trying to wrangle Johnathan down without dropping Eli, tried to get him to sit down but he insisted on standing (jumping) on the chair and was overall just being a disobedient boy. When I tried to reason with him amidst answering questions from the nurse and laying Eli down for height/temp check, etc., Johnathan kicked me in his anger!....I think the nurse was shocked because she told him, "Don't kick your mother" just like he was her own, to which Johnathan stamped his foot at with a humph! Oh, boy!

Fortunately, Aaron just so happened to be working with our pediatrician today and so he got to have a nice, long talk with Johnathan about his attitude problem once we all alone in the office room together. The talk helped Johnathan to shape up and afterward he was a sweet boy again. Phew! ;)

Later on in the day I was attempting to take a little cat-nap with Johnathan. Just as I was about to drift off to sleep I heard his small voice, barely louder than a whisper say, "I'm sorry, Mama. I'm sorry I kicked you at the doctor's office. I love you." heart melted right there on my pillow. I turned over and looked into his sweet face, told him how much I appreciated what he had told me, all on his own, and then we both turned over and went to with such a full heart, thankful that even though Johnathan can be a stinker at times that his little spirit is tender enough to know when he's wrong and to ask for forgiveness. What a lesson to be learning at such a young age!


Eli's 12 Month Stats: Eli is a little short-stack! At 12 months he is 27 inches tall, 17 lb. 11 oz. and I think his head circumference is about 18 inches. He is small-ish, but he is right on track milestone-wise and already thinks he's a big boy. He wants to do EVERYTHING that Johnathan does, wants to eat EVERYTHING Johnathan (or we) eat and is overall a very independent little dude. He is cruising furniture, will walk/take steps with our help and can crawl a mile a minute. He likes to babble and Johnathan will tell me, "Mommy, Eli is talking now"...and then will ask me what he's saying! So, at 12 months Eli is healthy and thriving and we couldn't ask for more!


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goatpod2 said...

So sweet of Johnathan to ask forgiveness all on his own!