Sunday, May 22, 2011

So Many Questions: A Typical Conversation at Our Home

These days Johnathan is full of questions...I'm talkin' F-U-L-L of them! One question leads right to another and it takes a lot of answers to satisfy his curious little mind. For example, this is a recent conversation (it really felt more like a toddler interrogation!) that we had the other day:

Johnathan: Mommy, do Eli's ears hurt?

Me: Yes, they do, so we have to be careful.

Johnathan: Why do his ears hurt?

Me: Because he had surgery on them to put a tube in them.

Johnathan: How did he have surgery?

Me: Well, we took him to the hospital and the doctors helped fix his ears there.

Johnathan: How did we go to the "hosipal" (hospital)?

Me: We got in our car and we drove there.

Johnathan: How did we get in the car to drive?

Me: We walked out to it, opened the doors got in and turned the car on with the key.

Johnathan: How did you turn on the car with the key?

Me: I took the key out, put it in the keyhole and turned it.

Johnathan: How did you turn it?

Me: Like this (showing with my hands how I did it).

Johnathan: How'd you do that?

Me: Buddy, I just showed you. I turned it like that.

Johnathan: How???

Me: Sweetie, I already showed you, okay?

Johnathan: Oh.....


Seriously, that is a conversation we had, verbatim (to the best of my memory), and we have tons of those everyday. One question leads to about 20 and Johnathan doesn't give up until he has the answers he feels appropriate. It is pretty funny and also, I must admit, does get a little frustrating at times because I can't seem to come up with good enough answers for him and so he keeps asking the same question over and over again. I am glad that he has an inquisitive mind though. It is one of my favorite things about his little personality!

Now Eli, he is more of an action guy and less of a talking guy these days, but I am sure that will change in the weeks/months to come! ;)

Have a blessed Sunday!


Anonymous said...

How fun and too funny! I love hearing what my 2 year old nephew is saying and doing these days as well as his 6 year old sister.



Anonymous said...

I'm right there with many questions:) Miles is into asking "why" about everything. Fun times!

KellyW said...

My house, my house too!! Ryan drives me crazy with questions, but I love it. He loves to ask the same thing over and over again. I finally have to redirect him into answering it himself since he has been told so many times. HA!

Gail said...

Oh Gracie...that is too cute and funny!

Love you!