Sunday, May 8, 2011

To My Little Loves on Mother's Day

Today is a special day, a day to honor and be honored...although with my early wake-up call this morning I'm not so sure that our boys got the memo to let mommy sleep in today! But that is what coffee is for! Diamonds might be a girls best friend, but I am convinced that coffee is a mother's BFF! ;)

I am extremely grateful for my own mom this Mother's Day. She has been my source of constant support and unconditional love. My example of a godly wife and a gentle, patient mother. Aside from Christ my Mom is who I most want to be like...and not to put her on a pedestal or anything, but I do look up to her like none other. {I love you, Momma! Happy Mother's Day!}

I know that Mother's Day is supposed to be about moms, but where would we be without our kids??? I want to write something to my sweet babies who made me a mommy.

To My Little Loves,

What a blessing you are, my sweet babies. What joy you bring to my life!
I cannot imagine my life without each of you, and even though there is a sadness attached to some of your lives the joy of simply being your mommy, of carrying your life inside me, for however brief a time surpasses the hurt. I know the hope of seeing you again is a sure thing, and someday when we reunite I will know that you are mine. And as for you, sweet little brothers, you are my daily delight. My sunshine bringers. My life! I love you so much and couldn't be happier to be your mommy. I still can't believe that you are mine. Mine to hold. To hug and kiss. Mine to nurture and protect. You are my babies, and even when you're big, grown up men I think that I will still consider you such. My precious babies. A mother's love never ends, and I am so blessed to be able to give my love to both of you.

With all a mother's love and then some,

Your Mommy

Our Children:
{Our Angel Baby}
{Our Easter Angel Baby}

My sunshine bringers...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there and to all women who have given love and have enriched the lives of others.



Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Grace!



Mom said...

Oh, dear Grace, thank you for your honoring words and for the love that overflows to me as your mother and to all your children.