Saturday, May 14, 2011

Surgery for Baby Eli's Ears

This morning Eli had a minor surgical procedure to put tubes in his ears. The poor baby has had ear infection after ear infection this whole year, and finally when we took him to the doc this past Wednesday he'd had one ear infection too many and a visit to the ENT was warranted. The ENT took a quick look into his ears Thursday and immediately told us he'd need the surgery to put tubes in. Eli's little ears were really bad, and even though we didn't want to have to go the tube route we also didn't want to delay treatment and have his ears rupture. So we had his surgery scheduled, and it just so happened to be today.

We all got up super early and went to the hospital together. The longest part was just waiting for the anesthesiologist to come when the ENT/Surgeon was ready to start everything up. We put Eli in a little hospital gown when it got closer to the time of the surgery and then the anesthesiologist and a nurse came to take him back. Once that happened it was probably about 10 minutes or so and then he was done! Of course he was cranky...poor baby hadn't eaten since the day before and it was about 9am before I got to feed him...for getting up around 5 something that was a long time to wait to eat! Once he had something in his belly he was a bit happier, and as soon as we got him in the car seat he conked out and slept for over an over after we got him home.

Here are some pics of our sweet little guy while we waited for the surgery to start and a few pictures afterward at home.

So happy that our little dude is getting some help for his sweet lil' ears. We love you, precious Eli!!!


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Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well for your little guy!