Monday, August 31, 2009

Little Red Nook

Red isn't my favorite color, but I do like it to accent an otherwise neutral palette. In rearranging my house I decided to gather up some red items that were scattered around and group them together, making my Little Red Nook. The top shelf doesn't hold anything of real sentimental value, aside from the wall-hanging (described below), but the bottom shelf is another story. Bottom left is a plate that my sister, Gwen, gave me on I either my 23rd or 24th birthday, I can't remember exactly. In the middle are framed photos of "our boys" with Gideon on the left, Johnathan in the center and Daniel on the right. I love having all of their baby pictures beside each other. It's comforting to see them all there together. Bottom right is Aaron and I at our couple's shower before we got married. I look at that picture and think oh how young we were, and what wonderful bliss life was, untainted and full of promise! Life is still wonderful, but just different from the one I imagined way back then.

This little wall-hanging, along with the burlap-curtained shelf in my previous post, was the beginning of my obsession with creating with burlap. I got the idea from a blog that I love to read called The Lettered Cottage. Layla, the Lettered Cottage gal, created a burlap backdrop for a hutch in her kitchen. Once I saw her idea my own brain started churning out ideas of my own, and since I have made little "burlap beauties" to accent my own home's growing character.

Yesterday Aaron and I both took quizzes to find out our decorating style. And, although I profess that my style is Country Cottage, the quiz that I took also added French Eclectic to the mix...hmm, never really thought of that before, but I sure did love some of the French-styled decorated rooms that I looked at. Aaron's "style" is a mix of Rustic & Wine Country...which just means that he likes a lot of darker, richer looking furniture items and accessories. Funny, so many of the rooms that I just loved where ones that he hated! I have a feeling that both of our styles will have to mesh, and although I have already told Aaron that I would like to make our home primarily reflect me and my preferences, it is his home too, and I'm willing to adjust my "style" to fit his likes in as well. So, I will just say this---after finally settling on what exactly my home decorating style is, I will be on the quest to make our house into a home that reflects what our lives are really all about---faith, family, friends. A place where you can relax and where quaint simplicity meets rustic sophistication. This is my quest...and it continues...

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