Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bed Bug!

It's 3:15 am, and I am not in bed...nope, I'm wide awake, though unhappily so because of a B-U-G. I was sleeping peacefully, when somewhere, in the midst of my semi-conscious state, the sensation that my secret fear was being played out in reality started to wake me. I'm not really sure how it all happened, but within seconds I went from sleeping soundly to jumping out of bed, seeing a shadow run across my pillow in the dark, turning on the light and not seeing anything, thinking (hoping) it was just a dream and then lifting my pillow up to check just in case...and then, to my ultimate horror seeing a huge roach run under MY covers! I pretty much freaked, and got an instant case of the heebie-jeebies , feeling bugs crawling all over me...or so it seemed. So then my dilemma became how do I go about finding the bug without dying of fright? I already felt like my heart was going to explode with the amount of anxiety that was pressing down on me. How dare a roach invade my bed! My own personal bug-free zone! And how did it get there? Did it fly on me---the day I discovered that roaches could fly was a very dark day!

In my fully-alert-albeit-paranoid state I quickly ran to get our vacuum. I had full confidence in my DYSON to be the savior that I (and my bed) needed. After assembling the hand attachment to the hose and thinking to myself, "It's just a bug, you can do this", I went poking around on the bed, hoping, praying that the bug hadn't gone too far. After just a little bit of prodding it ran out, and I fired up the vacuum and sucked it right in. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to scream, but out of fear of waking Johnathan, and of giving in to the scaredy-cat inside of me I refrained...oh, but how I wanted to scream though!

So now I'm sitting here at the computer, debating whether or not to go back to sleep in the bed that will now haunt my dreams or to try to fall asleep in Johnathan's room. Maybe I'll stick with the "lighting doesn't strike twice in the same place" theory or perhaps I'll just wait for daylight to dispel my disillusionment that my bed is a "safe" place. I will definitely be checking the covers from now on and counting down the days until we move away from this roach friendly city. Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but with all the beauty that is a tropical/coastal town you also get the beast which are the yucky "tropical" bugs...and I'm just not that into bugs---especially when they are in my bed!


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with you, Gracie. I went to go get something out of our bathroom closet a few days ago and looked up to see a huge(2 plus inches)roach scurrying away. Fortunately for me Matt was home and he squished it. If I had been alone I would've announced a mini-vacation and stayed at mom and dad's house. I'm that freaked out, too!!! Hope you made up on the rest!

Love you,

Gail said...

May I second the motion when I say, I sympathize with you! I hate hate hate hate hate roaches! We had a little problem about 2 months ago and here's what I did. I hope it helps!

1)Sprayed with Home Defense (about $10 at Home Depot) inside and out, just make sure it's not in an area that Johnathan is in) and spray while he is not in the room. You may only want to do this outside

2)Boric Acid- you know the stuff

3)Large roach bate centers- about $8 at Home Depot or Walmart - put them everywhere. I put 3 under my stove, 2 under my fridge, one in each bathroom and a couple more in other areas that needed it.

4)Seal every crack with calk that you can find. Use silicone calk for areas you don't want to be white

5)Keep food up, dishes washed, and trash out

6)If you have a lot of dead leaves or brush around your house, I'd borrow somebody's blower and blow them to the farthest corner of your property. Apparently they love dead leaves. Matt did this almost 2 weeks ago and I haven't seen one since.

Love you, Gracie! Hope you sleep better tonight!