Monday, February 15, 2010

21 Weeks!

Last night Aaron took my 21 weeks Belly Baby Baby Bump photo...and here I am, in all my baby bump glory! (Notice that it is a belly shot only...yeah, my face wasn't exactly camera-ready!) Anyways, here I am at 21 weeks (over half way there!):

Let's see...what are Belly Baby's "stats"...he should be about 11 inches long, and is getting close to being almost 1 lb...probably between 12-14 ounces! His little arms and legs are almost proportionate to the rest of his body, and he is already putting on some fat...thank goodness, because I know that I have been!!! His heart is getting stronger, and in a few more weeks Dr. Aaron will be able to hear it using his stethoscope on the outside of my belly...that was really cool to be able to do that with Johnathan...but you do have to listen very closely...there are a lot of gurgles and whooshes going on in there!

You can say a prayer for Belly Baby's big brother. Johnathan came down with RSV (a viral pneumonia) on Friday. We took him in to the doctor Saturday morning and got him started on some breathing treatments and oral steroids to help keep his airways working properly. Poor little guy also has a recurring ear infection in his left ear, and is on some stronger meds (he was just treated for a double ear infection 2 weeks ago) to help clear it out. He is doing much better today, and even by Saturday evening he was already showing signs of improvement. We always try to be quick to react whenever he shows any signs of illness. More often than not it is something that needs to be remedied and monitored. Thank you, Jesus, for already showing Your healing hand to our sweet Monkey!

Okay, folks, this mama's got to go. Have a fantastic Monday!



Gail said...


Momma said Johnathan was sick...I was sorry to hear that. I'm glad to hear the little guy is doing much better. Auntie Fay and Uncle Gaffin will certainly pray for him!

Your baby boy bump is so sweet! My how he's growing! Nothing short of a miracle. It's so amazing...:)

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Your Baby Belly bump is growing and so is he! Sorry to hear your little monkey was sick but glad he's doing much, much better.


KellyW said...

Love your new pic! Sorry that little man is sick. Stuff is really going around terribly this year. I hope he gets to feeling better quickly.