Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Feel Sad...

...because earlier today when Johnathan was throwing a huge tantrum I yelled...at him...loudly. He was kicking me, and I told him to stop...my patience had worn thin, and I took out my frustration by yelling. What a humbling moment when I realized how I had failed to let Christ control my emotions, failing to give my tired toddler grace when it was most definitely needed. *Jesus, please help me to be patient when my nerves are wearing thin.*

Johnathan cried.

I cried.

I asked for his forgiveness.

And he wanted me to sing him to sleep.

All is forgiven.



Anonymous said...

Awe, hugs to you!


Gail said...


Your humble attitude is so sweet. I hope to learn to be as humble when I have my own kids!

Love you,


Precious Moments said...

I had the same experience today. I just cant handle the screaming very well. I felt sad too, thanks for sharing this. It helped me too. Love you guys

Ivy said...

I have done that too. Isn't it horrible?! I just try to remember that I am making memories for him. I need to be so so careful.