Friday, February 12, 2010

First Day of School!

Tuesday of this week marked Johnathan's first day of school! And I have to admit, that scene from Finding Nemo on Nemo's first day of school did play in my head several times...I wanted to tell Johnathan to be careful...really can never be too cautious! I can see a lot of Marlin, Nemo's dad in me! Haha! Johnathan's "school" is really just a mother's day out program, but school is a much easier concept for him to grasp, plus he can say it...and since "mother's day out" is quite a mouthful, school it is!

If you know me (and most of you do!), then you know that this was a huge step for me to take. If I think back over his almost two years, I can probably count on one, maybe two hands how many times I've been without him for any length of time. Sad, maybe, but what can I say, I just love my sweet boy, and I love being with him! So, thinking about letting him go somewhere on a weekly basis was a lot for me to think about, but I think that the rewards and benefits for him are going to be numerous, which is why I was able to "let go" on Tuesday and let him have some great time away from mommy with his new friends and sweet teacher.

Monday evening as I was thinking about taking him the next morning, I really did put up quite a fuss...crying and making Aaron wonder what the heck was wrong with me...I was very emotional to say the least, but I made it through the tears, and as I was going over in my mind what a big step this was going to be, I had some thoughts about a wish that had been buried deep inside which was just about to be fulfilled...

...several years ago, I was the nanny for my pastor's children, two, precious boys about 2 & 4 years old. They also participated in a mother's day out program, and I would pick them up from their classes at the end of their little "school day" and bring them back to their home to watch them until their folks got home. The fall that they started attending the program was the fall where we lost Daniel, so needless to say things were tough. I can remember picking those sweet boys up at the school and wishing that I was like the other parents, who most likely thought they were my boys, not knowing the anguish that was inside as I ached for my own two sweet boys, my boys who were in Heaven. I think that I maybe even pretended that they were mine, if for only a few moments to help me get through the hallways as we lugged their backpacks and looked at the treasures they had created that day. Like I said, it was tough, but I made it through and hoped that someday I would be picking up my own child, a child who knew me as Mama and who called me so. That happened on Tuesday, and it was like a little miracle. I still melt every time Johnathan says my name, and I don't think that anyone besides Jesus really understands what it means to me. I am so thankful for my sweet boy, he truly is a Godsend.

So, back to Monkey's first day...I am crying here and need to regain the focus of this post! Here is the progression of his first school day!

Eating a healthy breakfast, morning of, to have plenty of energy for the full day ahead!

I decided that it was fitting that he wear a tie on his first day...first impressions are important, right?!! Haha! (I LoVe this shirt, Tia Kayla!)

On the way to school, and Monkey looks as cool as a cucumber...mommy on the other hand was a bit apprehensive, but doing okay (i.e. no tears).

A quick shot as we sat in the parking lot, what a happy boy!

He looked so tiny in front of those big ol' Preschool doors.

As soon as he entered his room, he didn't waste any time finding all the cool hiding spots!

Bye-bye, sweet boy...have fun on your first day!!!

Back at home that evening, my silly boy is goofing it up for the camera as Dada helps to open a package that just came in the mail for Monkey.

What's in the package????...'s his backpack, half a day too late for his first day of school, but that couldn't be helped...I was NOT going to pay almost $35 in shipping for it to get there in time!

My precious boy likes his new backpack!

Those eyes, now how could you resist those big brownies?!!!

He had fun wearing his backpack, which I thought was just the cutest thing and the perfect size for him too...okay, maybe a little bit big, but it's just the right size to hold all of the stuff he has to bring to school!

I am in love with those little legs! They are so squeezable and kissable!!!

What a goofball! A pretty darn cute one though!!! ;)

Alrighty folks, I guess I'm about through for today. Although, you can say a quick prayer for Johnathan. Sadly, my sweet Monkey was up for several hours last night sick with the tummy bug. It was heartbreaking to see him like that, but I also had a "mommy moment" where I felt like a real mom...I actually had a feeling of joy as I was cleaning up puke...only "real" moms do that, haha!...and I felt blessed to have a little one who needed my help in that way. Aaron on the other hand was more than happy to pass that job along to me! :)

Much love and happy weekend!



Kayla said...

Thanks for sharing monkeys first day of school with us!!! ...I must say that shirt is pretty adorable on him. ......I am so very proud of you for taking this step... i know it must have been hard....I am all for mommies staying home with their kiddos BUT i think that a little bit of social interaction with other kids is a good thing too.....and some mommy time is also very important! I am sure you will soon see the benefits to this!!! Love you girl!

KellyW said...

SO glad Johnathan loved his first day! We are thinking about MMO for Ryan this fall. Not for sure on it yet though. Our church was a wonderful program. I can't believe our boys are big enough for this...sniff.

Gail said...

I loved hearing your heart in this post Gracie. Your love for Johnathan is well as your angel babies. Changes are never easy, but I'm proud of you for doing what you think the Lord has led you to do. And furthermore, He's fulfilling that desire in you now from years ago. That's really special...and if you think about answer to prayer! You when you think God isn't listening He answers a prayer. He really does listen, but He answers in His time. I'm learning this myself.

Well we miss you in North Texas today! The snow here is beautiful!!!! Dallas got 12 inches! I wish you were here to enjoy it with us!