Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mommy Confessions: Edition II (Preggo-Style!)

Mommy Confessions: Edition II comin' at you Preggo-Style...it's Big...it's BOLD...it's painstakingly honest, it possibly, no probably, includes too much information, but it is full of good ol' belly laughs...

Here we go.......

.......I Confess That:

I burp like a boy who has just guzzled a 12 oz. warm soda...you know the kind of burps that feel like they rattle the whole house???...yeah, I've got those!

-I don't feel (too) bad about getting a second helping at dinner...I'm eating for two right?

-I nearly cried when I saw the cute little undies that I used to wear...compared to my maternity ones they look like little toddler panties! Will my butt ever shrink down to it's previous size again???!!!

-I look like a frump most days...but I am oh, so comfortable!

-My hair is falling out like crazy even though it's supposed to be nice and thick right now---am I going bald?!!

-I still drink coffee, daily, and consider it a favorite part of my diet! I drink lots of water to make up for it!

-I worry about if I'll ever have time to take a shower once I have two little ones running around...and then I think about it, and heck, I just have one running around right now and I still haven't showered yet today...so I guess it will be okay!

-I slop on the belly butter like crazy every night, hoping that it keeps away the stretch marks from my tummy...there is no hope for my booty though, it's already scarred up like a cat clawed at it!

-I bought a pack of Oreos at the grocery store a few days ago "for Johnathan"...but I have eaten a row of them by myself!

-I said it was a few days ago that I bought the Oreos...actually, I think it was just this past Sunday night!

-I love feeling my baby kick and worry if I haven't felt it in awhile...so I try to "wake" it up and make it move.

-I love having my doppler so I can hear my baby any time that I want to!

-I have let my house fall into disorder on more than one occasion...it is so much easier to take a nap than to clean up!

-I don't like swallowing those huge horse pills they call prenatal vitamins...seriously, do vitamins have to be that big?!!

-I like looking pregnant, and enjoy wearing snug shirts that show off my belly.

-I don't mind that my boobs are bigger...I just don't like the saggy part!

-I sometimes "sneak" a small bag of Doritos to eat on the way home from the store...for some reason they have been my craving lately...I bought the baked version last time, but they aren't nearly as good as the regular ones!

-I sort of hope we have a boy...that way we don't have to buy much of anything after delivery...and so Johnathan can have a brother close to his age.

-I wouldn't mind a sweet little girl either...pretty dresses and hair bows...I can deal with that!


Alrighty folks, that's it for now...I think that I hear Oreos and Doritos calling my name! Haha!



KPE said...

I love it!!!

Gail said...

Gracie you're a hoot. You made me laugh...especially the part about cat claws. Acutally that made me go..ah! Then I laughed...sadly I can relate and I haven't even had a baby!

Love you,


Ivy said...

Oh, Grace, I totally identify! It is almost as though I wrote that myself! esspecially the undies part... :-)After my Charlie was born (who I also call "monkey") I lost so much hair I seriously have "male-pattern baldness" going on right now. oh well... just keep thinking about the next little bundle of joy! I just kept telling myself that when it was over, everyone would be looking at the cute baby and not noticing how fat I still was! :-)