Sunday, February 7, 2010

{B} is for.......

{B O Y}


We found out on Friday that we'll be welcoming another sweet baby boy into our family. It seems as if boys are our track record, so there wasn't much doubt in our minds that this little one just might be a "snips and snails" baby instead of a "sugar and spice" baby. Looks like I'll be the pink in my house of blue for a while longer, and you know what, that is just fine with me! I plan on training my boys to wait on me hand and foot, jumping at my every whim...nah, not really...but it will be nice to be the girly one among the rough and toughness of my boys! And, I know that I am going to have to get back in shape pretty quickly after our new baby boy arrives...I can see lots of sports, outdoor activities and adventures in our future. If little baby brother is anything like his big brother, Johnathan, then it will be all I can do to chase after them both!!! Phew, I'm already worn out just thinking about it! ;)

Have a blessed Sunday, and a great start to your week!!!



Gail said...

Gracie I am so happy for you both! I can't wait to meet my new nephew! :)

I love you sweet sister,


Courtney Elizabeth said...

Congratulations, Grace!! Jonathan will have so much fun with another little boy to play with!