Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Looking Like Brothers!

I thought it would be fun to compare what my boys look like at the same age, respectively. For sure they both have their own unique look, but I can't help but think that they do have a lot of similarities! Here they are, both at 1 month of age, give or take a day or two...

Eli Robert, 1 month old

Johnathan Aaron, 1 month old

I am pretty sure that Eli is going to have the same long eye lashes like Johnathan, although his eyes are very different. Johnathan's eyes were (and still are) like deep dark inkwells, and Eli's are much lighter...I think that he'll either end up with light brown eyes, or maybe even hazel! Both boys for sure have a very similar hairline...from daddy without a doubt! Johnathan has a cute dimple on his right cheek, and Eli has a cute one on his left cheek! They both have the crooked pinkies...that's a mama gene coming thru...and their facial structure seems to be pretty much the same as well...although Johnathan's nose is a bit wider at the bridge. Only time will tell if our boys keep up their similar looks, but they for sure look like brothers...they look like they belong together...they look like they belong to us...and the best part is, they do!


P.S. Don't forget to check out my earlier blog post from today with pics of Eli on his 5 week b-day...scroll down or click here!


Gail said...

Oh my goodness they DO look a lot alike! If I wasn't me, I would say that they look like the same baby....although in person I'm sure they would look different. ;0)

Love you all tons,

Auntie Fay

goatpod2 said...

They do look alike!