Monday, August 9, 2010

An Aldape Allergy - - - A "Guest" Post

Last week my dad sent me this incredibly humorous poem regarding my allergic reaction. It was just too good to pass up, and I had to have it here on my blog! From the creative genius of my Dad, here you go...

An Aldape Allergy
by Ron M. Pittman

There was a young mommy named Grace,
Whose body was itchy all over the place,
From her head to her toes,
Rashy blotches arose,
Scratchy fingers all over did race.

"What caused this itch to hit me so wild?
Could this have come from my small nursing child?
For when he started to nurse,
This darn rash, got worse!"
Said the mom, whose reddening skin she reviled.

For the baby, a wee little infection had he.
Was prescribed a small dosage of antibiotics, you see.
But as he nursed on the breast,
His meds were introduced to her chest,
An allergic reaction, could it possibly be?

Tho' sympathetic, her hubby, a doctor,
Seized opportunity and raced off to a proctor,
At the hospital library,
Where he made a quick medical query,
Then ran back home so fast that it shocked her.

"No results! Nothing found!" were his screams.
"I have a chance to be published, it seems!"
Though stuck in her plight,
Her unknown itch, his delight,
New medical discoveries, his dreams.

So be warned, nursing moms, you may fight this.
Come the day that you holler and might hiss.
For when your babies attach,
And you start to itch and to scratch
You may be diagnosed with "Itchy Eli Aldape Lactitis."


Hahaha, Dad, I am still laughing! Love you and thanks!



Ivy said...

oh that is hysterical! itchy eli aldape lactitis.... love it!

Gail said...

That is too good! Does Aaron get an award or something for discovering this? ;0) You may be glad later on...despite the itches!


KellyW said...

That is hilarious! What fun it must've been for your Dad to do this!

Courtney Elizabeth said...

That is so funny! Your dad is so silly. :)