Sunday, August 1, 2010

The *Dangers* of Nursing...haha!

After dealing with a terrible allergic reaction since Friday morning...and I'm talking major palm-size to dime-size hives all over my body, literally from my head to my toes...I am pretty sure that I am allergic to the antibiotics that my little Eli is on to clear up an infection that he has. Who knew that nursing could be so dangerous, haha! I have never been so itchy in my life, and I have never taken so much benadryl either...some people do jell-o shots, I do benadryl shots! Hopefully we'll get Eli's meds switched out soon, and that way he won't keep passing along the allergens to me when I nurse him! And, now when asked by doctors if I'm allergic to any medicines I'll have to say yes, bummer!


NOTE: I am in no way discouraging mothers from nursing! It is the best thing for baby, and all of the benefits to mom and baby far outweigh any freak mishap like I'm having! Just wanted to let you know! Nursing is amazing! ;)


Gail said...

Oh Gracie! So sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to his meds....thankfully you are on the mend.

Love you sis,


Kayla said...

Yikes! ....I never would have thought he could pass that along to your through nursing. You must be VERY sensitive to the stuff. Sorry to hear that Eli has/had a little infection. Hope you are both better soon. ........I must agree Nursing is amazing. Love ya!