Thursday, August 12, 2010

Feelin' Good!

The boys and I hit the stores today to run a few errands...with our newly acquired "freedom" we have been leaving the house on a rather frequent basis...even when it is (or feels) well over a hundred degrees! I just have to get out of the house and nothing like a little heat is gonna stop me! Haha! I was getting ready for our little excursion, I tried on my favorite pair of pre-Eli-pregnancy shorts, knowing for certain that they wouldn't fit, but wouldn't you know that they did! Woohoo! Maybe a bit snug, but they zipped up and buttoned just perfectly and I was super excited! So, I thought that I'd just share that bit of post-baby news with you (and of course to document it for my own personal reference)!

I am now down 37 pounds, and have only 16 more to go to reach the weight that I was at my first check-up of my pregnancy with our little Eli. Although, if I could just lose about 10 more pounds I think that will be enough...I was a bit under 110 before Eli, and that seems a bit on the skinny side to me, and I've got to have a little fat on me to sustain all the feedings that little Eli (or Rexy as we fondly refer to him as) wants. He is a little monster when it comes to eating, like a little t-rex (thus, Rexy) and makes all sorts of sounds when he's gobbling down his dinner...or breakfast, or second breakfast or lunch or's all the same to him! He {LoVeS} to eat! Probably why I am losing the weight so quickly this time around!

Anyways, I am just feelin' good right now, and happy that I am fitting back into my clothes!

Talk to you all later,

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