Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Many Faces of Johnathan...and our newest Chunky Monkey!

Lately Johnathan has really been into making silly faces. He does this one which we call his "cold face"...sadly, I haven't caught it on camera yet, but it is the cutest thing! Whenever he eats something cold/touches something cold he makes the cutest little face...and it is hilarious! And he loves for us to make silly faces back at him too now. It's pretty cute, and a fun phase that he's going through right now. Here is a little sampling of my silly little guy!

First look...confusion at what I was trying to get him to do...I wanted him to make his "cold face"...but he had other plans!

I don't know what this is...just a funny face he was trying out!

This is him thinking that he is pretty funny...when he really starts to laugh he does this sort of slow motion knee is hilarious...and I have found myself doing it too when I laugh, which I guess is where he got it from!

I was trying to make him laugh, and when that didn't work we had a staring contest...guess who won?! Monkey of course!

Trying to get him to make a silly face and he decides to give me attitude instead...typical! Haha!

Here he thought he heard Aaron come home and said "Dada, home!"...but it wasn't Aaron just some other noise he heard and so he got sad...sweet boy!

Getting angry because he wanted his Dada!

Full-blown frustration that Dada was at work when he wanted him back at home to play. He loves his daddy!


And here is our newest Chunky Monkey!!! He is really getting some rolls...yesterday I counted 3 "leg butts"...little chubby rolls on his legs that look like a booty crack on his legs...and he is plumping up more each day. I guess he's making up for his early entrance into the world!

He's got the double chin goin' on too!

Sweet face!

Looking like big brother!

He is enjoying his toys a lot more now, and likes to hit at them!

Big boy!

Eyeing the prize!

Look at that face!!!


Little Chunky Monkey!

Precious boy! One of the sweetest loves of my life!

Happy Thursday, y'all!!!



goatpod2 said...

Enjoyed the pictures!


KellyW said...

Love the pictures! Johnathan reminds me so much of Ryan with all those faces!