Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{7} in Heaven

Today marks the 7th "Heaven Birthday" of our sweet, precious Daniel Cole. I can hardly believe that it's been seven years since we last saw and felt our sweet baby boy. Wow, seven years.

This evening we went on a family walk together and saw a snake that had died on the sidewalk. Johnathan said that Jesus was going to make the snake better and "make him alive again"...oh the wonderful gift of a childlike faith, believing that Jesus can make everything better...just as He is able to do.

We told Johnathan that sometimes when things or people die that they go to Heaven, even though Jesus has the power to heal and even raise from the dead. Then we told Johnathan again about his big brothers in Heaven. Sort of odd maybe, to transition from a dead snake to talking about his brothers that sit in the arms of Jesus, but it is something that he understands and it brings it home a little more for him.

So, sweet Daniel, know that you are talked of and loved and very much missed. I can't wait to see you again some day, to shower you with hugs and kisses and to hold you and never let go. You are and always will be my baby, and I love you so much.

Happy 7th Birthday, Sweetheart. Hug Gideon for us and kiss the Angel Babies.

Love, Mama & Dada and your Little Brothers

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Mom said...

How vivid the details of Daniel's short and precious life here on earth. I miss him so much. I love that he continues to make a difference in the lives of his family here and particularly his little brother, Johnathan. All my love, my sweet Grace as you remember and love as only a mother can.

Love always,