Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Day of Firsts

Yesterday two of my favorite people had some big firsts in their life...Aaron (a.k.a. "Favorite" to me, Dr. Aldape to others) started his first day in his new practice, woohoo!!! He is officially now a practicing physician...sorta funny how they call it a practice tho...kind of like they still need to do things a few more times 'til they get it right, haha! ;) I can assure you that Dr. Aldape knows what he's doing and is going to be a great physician to those blessed enough to have him as their doctor!

Also, my sweet Monkey Boy (a.k.a. Johnathan!) started his first day of school yesterday. We enrolled him in a two days a week Mother's Day Out that has a preschool curriculum. It is pretty structured but has a fun environment that I am sure he will love more and more as the weeks go by. He liked his first day, but was more than happy to see me drive up in the carpool line to pick him up...and you know what, I was pretty happy to see him too, his big smile shining at me through the glass doors. I missed my little dude a lot! ;)

So, I guess our "fall" has officially started. New schedules and routines to get down and lots of new fun experiences for everyone!

Happy Middle of the Week to Y'all!

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Anonymous said...

My brother-in-law is finishing up his rotations for his Osteopath but at first he thought he wanted to do general surgery but he changed his mind to a family doctor I think.

My 2-year-old nephew just started his MDO program last week and he goes 2 days a week as well.