Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Little Nakey-Nakey

The other day I went in to check on Eli during his nap and found him stark naked, diaper on the floor, in a deep sleep. He was so cute with his little body all curled up, heiny straight up in the air and arms and knees tucked under his belly. I of course took a picture (but for privacy reasons won't share it here) and just laughed at the sight of my little nakey-nakey sleeping like an angel. I thought I'd have a big mess to clean up (poop or at the very least pee) when he decided to wake up, but thankfully he held it until after he woke up and had his diaper on again! ;)

Anyways, just a cute little anecdote about my little dude. I remember finding Johnathan like this too around the same age as Eli...and it was cute then also! ;)

Happy Sunday!



Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law sent my Mom and I a picture of my nephew crawling down the hall stark naked but he was a little older than Eli though.



Practically Ava said...

Too funny and too cute!! What a sight to see a cute little hiney sticking up in the air on a sleeping little angel. I love it! I would have definitely been in there snapping pics as well. BTW .... I might not be upset if somehow that pic ever ends up in my e mail inbox! Sure would be a day brightener.....just saying! ;)
Squeeze the boys for us! Love and miss y'all!