Sunday, September 25, 2011

Silly Sleeper

Last night, during the middle of the night, I was awakened by the sound of Johnathan coughing...just a few little coughs, no biggie. You know how when you're woken up by some kind of noise and you have a hard time recalling what the sound was? Well last night the coughing I heard didn't sound like it had come from the baby monitor that I keep on during the night on my nightstand, but then again, I wasn't fully conscious when I heard the coughs, so who knows.

Anyways, I got up and took a quick trip to the potty and decided to check on the boys before I went back to sleep. Eli was sleeping peacefully in his crib and Johnathan was...he was...where was he???!!! He wasn't anywhere in his room and I hadn't seen him in ours. Sometimes he will sneak in and curl up on some extra throw pillows from our bed that I place on the floor, but nope, he wasn't there. Then, I remembered the cough, how it had sounded like it came from close by but not the baby monitor. And so I looked under our bed, and sure enough, there was Johnathan, all curled up and sleeping like a little cat. Goodness, what a place to sleep! I pulled him out from under the bed and made up a quick pallet for him beside our bed using a throw blanket and those extra pillows. He sort of woke up as I dragged him out of his safe sleeping place, and I suppose I could have just left him there since he was asleep after all, but somehow I just don't think I could have fallen back asleep knowing my child was on the floor under my bed. Although he was no monster, ghost or goblin I still don't want to sleep with anything or anyone under my bed! ;)

These little dudes of mine are always surprising me with their silly little antics, and you can bet from now on when I hear one of them coughing or making strange noises at night I'm going to check under my bed first!

Happy Sunday Night!

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Anonymous said...

Silly boy, hope he feels better soon though!