Friday, September 16, 2011

Bb is for Betsy Bee

Yesterday Johnathan came home from school so happy and vocal about what he had learned. When I picked him up he told me that he had had such a fun day and said, "I didn't miss you at all, Mommy!"...haha, I was glad though because that meant that he was kept busy and had a good's hard to miss mommy when you're having so much fun learning...although he did say that he missed Eli...and Dada...and BoBo...haha! ;)

When we get home from school we always take out Johnathan's green folder that all his little papers are in. Yesterday he was so excited to show me and wanted to get them out himself and show them to me one by one. He worked on the letter "B" yesterday and kept singing "Buh, Buh, Buh for Betsy Bee"...and it was the cutest thing. Each letter of the alphabet has a cute little animal or bug to go with it so the kids can learn it easier. "A" was Alexander Alligator and "B" was Betsy Bee. He also worked on cutting with scissors, painted a letter B, practiced gluing little bits of paper to the letter and and did some other fun "B" related activities.

Each day I get a little "report card" saying what the class did that day and what Johnathan in particular enjoyed. I love that I feel like I know a little better what he did during the day, and I always love seeing what he liked best about the day. I am saving all his papers in a binder that I purchased yesterday and I know I will treasure looking back through them in the years to come.

I made a cute little "gallery wall" to hang up Johnathan's school papers and special pictures. It also has our calendar and Johnathan's Chore Chart. I love that I did this because it makes it very easy for me to go over with Johnathan what he's learned during school. We practice the alphabet and number(s) that he has recently learned and I really think that this is helping him to retain it. Plus, it's pretty cute! ;)

Happy Friday and Yay for learning!!!



Gail said...

So cute, Gracie! What a fun age he is that he gets to learn so much! I love how you're so supportive and encouraging too with your gallery wall. Fun!

Love you,

goatpod2 said...

How cute! When I was in Kindergarten we did a similar thing with the letters except we did "letter people" and did different textures for that letter.


Anonymous said...

When we saw Johnathan yesteray I asked him what Bb says...he said "Bessy Bee, buh, buh". It was SO cute! I could just picture him saying it to you:) Love your cute gallery wall. Miles has been coloring a TON of pictures recently. I'd love a way to display his art somewhere. Love you guys!


Mom said...

I LOVE this gallery wall that you have!!!! Great idea!!