Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bird Watching

Have you ever noticed how cheery the early morning songs from birds are? I never really noticed it until a few weeks ago when I heard a sweet little bird singing out in the early morning hours. I realized that I hadn't heard that simple melody in several months since it's winter, technically speaking, here in Texas. And all of a sudden I realized what I'd been missing, or have just been overlooking, for so long. The sweet, simple, happy chirps from our little feathered friends are so cheerful, and really do plant a little happy seed in my heart.

So, to cultivate little bits of the simple joys in life, the boys and I have tried to encourage some little birdies to come and visit our side yard. We've added some feeders with different types of food, a little watering station, a bird house and that's just the beginning. We've already succeeded in having a little sparrow couple frequent one of our feeders. We all love watching them eat and are already in need of refilling their food!

Here's to life's simple pleasures! Have a great Thursday, y'all!


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