Friday, February 3, 2012

Favorite Find {A Trash to Treasure Chair!}

About a week ago I was just heading out from our street when I spied an adorable chair in someones trash pile. The garbage truck was scheduled to come that day and I couldn't risk such a cute chair ending up in the dump, so I grabbed it up knowing I could do something with it. When I got it home I realized that the seat was missing (probably why it was in the trash pile), but no matter, I had an idea in mind. After discovering it was painted with a paint that would not withstand the outdoor weather I outfitted in with some indoor/outdoor paint similar to it's original color. For the missing seat I simply painted a piece of plywood that I found laying around in our garage...and it was already the perfect size, score! I picked up the cute flowers sign at World Market and the pots and herbs/flowers I got at Home Depot. There is still some work that needs to go into our little side "yard", but I am happy with this small improvement...such a happy place to look at now, although I'll be switching out the plants pretty soon for some that prefer more shade. Looks cute for now tho, doesn't it?!!



Gail said...

Yes it does! Sooo cute and such a great find!! :) Katie Joy and I went to Canton today and I thought of you a TON. I almost bought you like a million things but decided instead that we had just better go together again! :)

Love you,


Practically Ava said...

Love your transformation!!! And I love it even more that it was a trash to treasure find! You know me I am a sucker for "trash!!!" I just scored a precious old schoolhouse chair for our new school area!!! The "trash" people throw away sometimes amazes me!
Love ya! Keep it up girl your hive is so beautiful!