Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something {New}

Okay, so all of y'all know about my obsession with candles, right? Well over Christmas break my sis Gloria and I were talking about our dreams for the future. We talked (and laughed!) over things we wanted to start or do with our lives. Our discussion was lively and ended up pulling in the rest of the Pittman siblings, and in the end we all shared our dreams and hopes for the future.

One of my "dreams" if you will was to begin making my own candles since I love using them so much. And a few weeks after Christmas I started researching candle making and made my first purchase of supplies. I decided to go with Soy wax for many reasons...Sustainable, U.S. Grown (my suppliers grower at least), Biodegradable and sort of the "In" thing right now. Anyways, for the last month+ I've been candle-making and trying to come up with my "perfect candle"...and boy, there is a lot to it...wax/fragrance oil ratio, proper wick size for various jar sizes, figuring out the right heat temp and pour temp for the different waxes, calculating burn rate, etc. There is a lot more to this candle creating thing than I first thought, but I am loving learning all about it.

So, that brings me to the point of this post! Since I love making and creating candles (and jewelry and other items) I thought why not open up an Etsy shop where I can share some of my favorite things...for a small price I might add(!)...with other people looking to buy quality, hand-crafted goods. I can't say this is the first time I've wanted to offer some of my creations for the past I've sold jewelry (Ruby Moon Designs) via local gift shops in the town we used to live in and briefly offered it up online...but I have so many (too many) things that I love to create so I decided to branch out from offering up just jewelry and will be displaying a wider variety of things for sale. Mostly this is just so I can keep on creating without building up too much stuff, haha! :)

If you want to check it all out, please feel free to visit me at my new shop on Etsy, Grace Note Gifts or at my new blog where I'll post updates on my latest creations. As of now there aren't any listings up yet on Etsy, but they should be up within the next week or so!

Blessings, Grace


goatpod2 said...

How fun!


Anonymous said...

You were inspired by our conversation!! How cool :)! Love you