Sunday, February 19, 2012

A {FULL} Week

This past week was a full one...almost every day was super busy and we had a bunch of fun even amidst some stress (my stress-everyone else was super!).

Monday was spent getting things ready for Valentine's Day...Johnathan had a party at school and we were the ice-cream bringers...mostly so I could pick out his own special, dairy-free ice cream and label it properly so his teachers would give only that to him.

Tuesday morning we did our own little Valentine's with the boys...I even let them eat a piece of candy before breakfast, shame-shame on me!...and then Johnathan went to have fun at his Valentine's party at school while Eli and I went to grab something for Aaron. Tuesday afternoon and evening Johnathan started having asthma trouble (the stress-maker for me, I HATE when the boys have breathing issues). Aaron and I had a low-key evening...we made creme brulee, gave each other our Valentine's letters and called it a good day!

Wednesday morning Johnathan woke up in full-blown asthma attack and so we started him on his treatment. Luckily the meds started to work by noon so we hopped over to spend some time with my sweet sisters Gaily and Gwenny. Gwen hosted a wonderful get-together for us moms with our boys.

Thursday was spent getting ready to host a dear family from our church. We had them over for a wonderful time of eating and fellowship. Their 3 kiddos were super sweet and the visit was just about as pleasant as it could be!

Friday was a restful day more or less. We ran a few errands and just hung out around the house mostly.

Saturday we spent running a few more errands in preparation for hosting a b-day party for my sweet sis Gwen. The house was already in party mode after hosting our church friends Thursday so preparing for Gwenny was a cinch! I did add a few pink touches around our home in the form of some simple flowers to add a festive touch!

And today, well it's been a day of rest. Here are some pics from the week...yeah, I went a little flower crazy with's not often that we have pink in our home and the girl in me enjoyed it! Haha!

Blessings, *Grace*


Anonymous said...

Glad to have been a part of your week(twice). Loved having you and the lil dudes over on Wednesday and especially loved my party last night-it was SO fun! You were so sweet to throw it for me and I was truly blessed by it!


Gail said...

I'll echo Gwen and say it was so nice to see you twice this week! :) I love you my dear sister...and you are definitely one creative woman. That bark vase ROCKS! :)