Thursday, February 2, 2012

Climbing Trees {4 Little Tarzans!}

Yesterday we had a fun sister & sons day that my sweet sister, Gail, hosted. During the course of the afternoon the boys decided they wanted to climb trees, and even though Eli was a bit too little to do it by himself he still wanted to join in on the fun, so I propped him up in the tree. Looking at those 4 little Tarzan boys in the tree was beyond priceless, and I had to capture the moment. Aren't they just precious?!!

Thanks, Gaily and Coley-Woley for hosting such a fun day yesterday!



Anonymous said...

What sweet and precious pictures!


Gail said...

Such cuties! We had such a good time! Looking forward to next time!! ;)

Love you,

Grandpa said...

Keenly intelligent? Check!
Ruggedly handsome? Check!
Physically fit? Check!
Totally precious members of our "Family Tree?" ABSOLUTELY CHECK!

Practically Ava said...

Must agree that is one cute Family tree!!! I love that y'all plan little get togethers so FUN!!!