Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saturday's Forecast: Showers Likely

As the saying goes, "when it rains, it pours", and the love and generosity certainly did pour out at our baby shower this past Saturday. There were about 25 or so people there, and our precious boy received a downpour of gifts. I am so thankful to my aunt, Jennifer, for throwing the shower for us. It was just wonderful.

We played several fun games, including the "Guess How Big Grace's Belly Is Game" and the "Can You Tell What the 'Mystery Poop' in the Diaper Is Game." The second game was hilarious. My aunt had squished up 6 different candy bars, and then put the little "poops" inside of the baby diapers. Each person got a sheet of paper and had to guess what kind of candy bar was in the diaper. It was funny to see everyone smelling the "dirty diapers" and even funnier were the people who tasted the contents of the diapers! SO HILARIOUS! We all got some good laughs!

Here are a few pictures of our fun day.


GLO said...

Hey Grace! i miss you already, i had a really fun time! love the pics. see you soon ;)

greta said...

Aww....such cute pictures! :-( I'm not in the sisters one :-( But I guess it's okay. Hey well I had a great time seeing you Gracie!! Can't wait until the next times we see you...because then you'll have had that big boy! Love you Gracie.

Aldape family said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time. You look sooo incredibly cute. We can't wait to see you and welcome our precious nephew!

Dad said...

My, oh my... holding "dirty" diapers up to sniff or, yikes, taste(!) smashed up "poopy" candy bars? Uh, I sure hope the next door neighbors weren't peeking through the window!