Sunday, March 30, 2008

Waste Not, Want Not...and other Nesting Instincts!

I'm trying to figure out this whole "nesting" thing, and one thing I know for sure, I've been bitten by the nesting bug!:) I know that toward the end of most women's pregnancy an urge to clean and organize things takes over. Well, last night while Aaron was watching a movie that was a little too scary for my taste, I decided to organize my gift wrapping box so that I could make room for the many cute baby gift bags that we've received gifts in. In addition to saving some gift bags from our baby shower presents, I also saved a lot of the pretty tissue paper. I heard that it can be ironed to look just like new, so I thought I'd try it out. No sense in wasting it! So, for about 45 minutes or so, I ironed tissue paper! I now have a nice tidy little stack of "new" paper to use for my own gift wrapping. Now I just need to find something else to organize. I spent pretty much all last week getting the house completely ready, and I'm not just talking about your average cleaning. I'm talking about a deep, deep, spring cleaning on steroids type cleaning. Yes, I even cleaned off the dust from the leaves of all my houseplants after adding new soil with plant food to the pots. I've pretty much exhausted all my ideas of what else to clean/organize/freshen up. I went so far yesterday as to decoupage the wipes case sitting on the back of toilet in the bathroom just so it would look prettier!:) Yes folks, the nesting bug certainly has bitten me, and it's bad! If only I could think of something else to clean!


greta said...

hahaha Gracie you are so funny. Mom was telling me about all the cleaning you had been doing but I had no idea it was THAT much cleaning! Way to go! Can't wait to see it all.


Gwen said...

Way to go, little mommy! Your baby is going to come home to a super clean and tidy home! It feels good to have everything all set and ready, doesn't it?

Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow about what day will be THE day!!

Love you,

Gail said...


You are too funny! Everything sounds awesome though! I only wish I was that motivated to clean our house that thoroughly! Way to go! This baby is going to come home to a very nice, clean, and extremely tidy house! I bet it feels nice to have everything in good order. :0)

Love you lots!!!

-Auntie Gail

Mom said...

Being fresh off bed rest plus your nesting instinct in hyper drive makes for quite a combination. Too bad you can't bottle that motivation and energy for the lean times to come.

We're looking forward to hearing what the birth date will be after your doctor visit tomorrow.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

You are on the way, sweet Grace!! Loads of energy before Sweet Baby Boy, wrapped in Blue for you and Aaron to cuddle. How exciting for you both AND all of us waiting to hear every little bit of the blessed news!! Your blog has been such a blessing to read and enjoy about your journey through this pregnancy. Will you continue this after the baby is here?? You can give us a peek into your world for us who won't be with you. Or, perhaps, you won't have time, which is quite understandable. Rest when you can!! We are always eager to read and know everything?? How we love you!!! Papa & Mema xoxoxoxoxoxo

Mema said...

rhrpoSweet Grace!!! You and Aaron have not long to see your precious little baby boy! And many have had C sections. We know your Dr.will do well. And you have seen the real thing?? Wow!! It will keep you from having to do sit-ups for awhile, I think!! Can't wait to hear all the news when, time, birth weight and length, etc!!! Love and more love, Papa & Mema xoxoxoxoM

Dad said...


If you've still got the itch to clean... come visit Glo's room... (couldn't resist that, if you're reading, Glo!!)... Hey, I'm just glad you didn't start any fires ironing flimsy tissue paper of all things. You've got more of Papa in you than I realized!

I love you and am looking forward to hearing when your "come and C us" date is!!