Friday, December 30, 2011

{Aldape} Christmas 2011

Since our collective families are now too big and spread out to "do" Christmas on one day we have to spread Christmas out a little...which is by no means a problem...we actually did Christmas 5 separate times this year, phew! Didn't bother us any at all though, the more days of Christmas the merrier!!! Woohoo!

Our first Christmas was down in Bryan, TX with Tio, Tia and Ava (Aldape). We had a beautiful weekend just hanging out, watching the kids play, eating some good food and exchanging our gifts. It was a great time.

Our second Christmas with Papi and Nana Aldape is documented with photos here...(Our own Aaron Aldape Family Christmas will have to wait as far as pictures go...too many pics for one post!).

We also did a mini Christmas with my grandparents on Christmas Eve, Our own "Dr. Aldape Family" Christmas on Christmas morning and Christmas with my folks, sisters, brother, BILs and nephews on Christmas Day evening. Lots and lotsa fun!!! ;)

Here are just a few pics to enjoy!

Happy eve of New Year's Eve!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for loving your families so well, my dearest Grace. Your delight in receiving and especially giving to others this year was a gift in itself.

So many good memories! Glad you are documenting these so well.

Love you,