Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eli at 18 Months

Well, looks like Eli is going to need eat some major calories to fatten him up! I took him to the doc for his 18 month check up and he is in the 1st percentile for weight, haha! Talk about tiny! He is only 20 lbs 1 ounce! Such a little dude, he has however grown quite a bit in height since his 1 year visit...he is 31.5 inches tall (the 21st percentile for height), so he's grown about 5 inches in the last 6 months...and his little head is on the bigger side of the scale...19 inches at 61st all in all he is a short, scrawny little dude with a big noggin'! Heehee! ;)

Eli's doc wasn't all that concerned about his weight since he is a good eater. She just said I could start adding extra fattening things to his adding in cream to his mac'n'cheese or real butter into the dishes I'm already serving him...lucky dude! We'll see how he's doing at his 2 year check up, but for now he's fine, just on the smaller side.

He is tracking along fine with all his developmental milestones and aced the autism test...the Dr. said that we could rest assured that he doesn't have autism since he scored a 100 on the test! Phew!

One thing that I thought was interesting on the 18 month check up list that I had to fill out at the doctor's was the method of discipline that we use...the options were verbal, time out, spankings and, sign me up for all of the above! We use whatever method works for the different "offenses" that occur around here. Whenever someone gets hit hard or throws a block at someone's head you sometimes need more than a "no-no, don't do that!"

Anyways, looks like our little man is doing okay. Praise God for our healthy little boy!

Blessings, Grace

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Mom said...

So beautiful and cheery! Your family is so blessed to have a wife/mommy who makes their home a haven. I love seeing the stockings- we too have our sweet reminders of our heavenly grandchildren.

Love you and glad you are enjoying the season,