Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eli can open doors now...

...and my world just got a little more complicated, haha!

Today I was out in the garage getting the groceries from the car when I saw the door handle leading from our laundry room to the garage moving up and down. Johnathan was at school at the time and my first thought was who could that be, Eli isn't tall enough to do that yet...but turns out he is, just barely...on his tiptoes! ;)

So, today was spent getting Eli out of the pantry, out of the laundry room, out of every room he discovered he could get into all on his own! The pantry is his favorite by far, and he looks so proud of himself when he can sneak in there and get out snacks and rummage through the trash and recycling behind my back! It's pretty cute actually, and I can hardly believe my baby is so big...sniff, sniff.

Happy December 1st!

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goatpod2 said...

My 2 and a half year old nephew can open doors as well, he's a big boy for his age and he can reach the door knobs without being on his tip toes!