Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Firstborn

Dearest Gideon,

Happy Birthday, sweet son. You are eight years old today, in Heaven years, and we love you so much. Perhaps it is fitting that you went to Heaven during the season when we celebrate the birth of a baby...the Christ...the Light that you live in each day. And just as Jesus' mother Mary treasured the birth of her baby and all that surrounded Him in her heart, so I treasure you. Every moment and each second that I had with you. Happy Birthday, Precious and Merry Christmas.

With all my love,


Mom said...

So very sweet! What a dear mother you are to all of your children.

Greta said...

I love you, Gracie! You are a wonderful mother.
Sweet little Gideon is very blessed to have a mommy like you, a daddy like Aaron, and a Father in Heaven.

Dad said...

Loving these thoughts of our first grandson, Gideon. Loving you, too, precious Grace.