Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trimming the Tree...Little Kid Style and Johnathan's Christmas Performance!

It's been looking a lot like Christmas around here for a while now...I started decorating November 5th because I had a special request from Aaron to start making things festive really early this year. However, no home is 100% set for the Season until the Christmas tree is up! So, this past Saturday we trimmed the tree...with the help of a few extra little Christmas Elves (cousins Miles and Levi) and boy was it entertaining to watch them put on the ornaments! There were lots of ornaments clumped together and the majority of them were about a foot or less from the ground, haha! It was pretty cute and in the end I did rearrange just a few ornaments to make the tree a little more "ornament friendly" other words, I moved all the really breakable glass ornaments where little hands can't reach them! Heehee! ;)

Here we are trimming the tree!......

This past Tuesday Johnathan had his first ever performance...the Christmas Program at his school! He was so excited about it and was all decked out for the special occasion. I was so proud of him as he performed two songs with the rest of his classmates. Afterwards we enjoyed the reception in his class room...Eli loved being able to be a part of what big brother does and really liked sitting in the chairs in the class room and enjoyed looking at all the things to do there!

And lastly, here is Dada's little helper, helping to tighten the bolts on the pull-up bar...

...isn't this photo just priceless?!!

Happy Thursday!


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