Monday, January 21, 2008

27 weeks and counting!

27 weeks, baby, and ticking off each day as our due date gets closer and closer!!! It's hard to believe, but by this week our sweet boy weighs approx. 2+ pounds, and is over 15 inches long!!! Wow! I look down at my tummy, and try to imagine how everything fits in there, and as the days go by space is getting tighter and tighter in there! The other day, Aaron was saying how he has to share more of the bed with me since I'm taking up more room with my extra girth (my words, not his!) and with extra pillows and such. Anyways, I just let him know that it is a small sacrifice for him to make...after all, I'm sharing my body with someone, and he just has to share a bed!;) Life is good all around right now, and as I leave the second trimester and move into the third, I couldn't be happier!

Here are some pics of me and baby that I thought y'all might like to see. Thinking of you all, and looking forward to greeting you soon with our son!!!


Gail said...

Gracie! I just am loving this blog! I have read every word and anticipate each new blog. :0) Thank you for keeping us all up to date! You are so adorable! Your words speak to me of what it truly truly means to love someone. Your dedication to your little boy says it all. God bless and love you much!


Dad said...

Hi Grace,

We're counting, too!.... counting the weeks until "Sweet Baby Boy" arrives, plus counting our blessings... you, Aaron and our little grandson sure top the list!

Love you honey!


Gwen said...

Hey Gracie,

I love your blog. I've checked it several times while I've been doing some of my own bed resting at Mom and Dad's. Your pregnant belly is so cute!!
Give little "Pedrito" a kiss for me:)

Love you,

the chunks said...

Gracie you're looking cuter every day!
I love you soo much!!!!

Brenda Irwin said...

Hi Grace & Aaron & Sweet Baby Boy!
I'm so glad to keep in touch with your pregnancy through this blog and know that I'm counting the weeks right! You look so beautiful, Grace, and I know that baby will be beautiful too! I'm continuing to pray you through until the big birthday, and trusting with you in God's best on that day. Rest on, sweet Momma!