Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ice Cream with Pickles, Please!

Even though the above phrase hasn't been entirely true for me, I am experiencing the wonderful cravings that pregnancy brings. So far I haven't eaten anything too bizarre, but I do crave things that normally wouldn't tempt me quite so bad.

The past couple of weeks my craving has been oatmeal cookies!!! I got up the strength to make a batch of my favorite "Ranger Cookies" (actually, it was a double batch!). Now, if you look in the kitchen you won't even see a trace of them. It's not that I hid them out of sight, it's that I ate them out of, those extra pounds on my hips don't count!:) Aah, the beauty of eating for two!

For the first time ever in my life, I am loving food. I always liked it before, but now just the thought of something yummy and delicious makes my day! My willpower is gone, and my sense of taste has taken over! This little baby of mine sure wants a soft mommy! And baby gets what baby wants!!!


Glenna & Miles (I am holding him) said...

awesome! I always thought it was interesting when people had odd cravings!!! I bet they will keep getting weirder and weirder as the due date gets sooner.. Love you!!!!

Dad said...

Sounds like Aaron let you slip under the radar and into the kitchen! He must've been online looking up recipes for his next culinary adventure!

At least your cravings are reasonably priced. I remember when your Mom was craving lobster when she was pregnant with Gail. (Not that the craving ever got satisfied, mind you. Hey, we were young and on a tight food budget. I think I got her some fish sticks!)

Love you!


Aldape family said...

It sounds like you and baby are doing GREAT!!! You look so cute! Enjoy your growing belly ( and growing everything else!!) It is okay to be a soft mommy!!! ( I speak from experience..haha)
Love ya

Greta said...


Oh Grace that is so cute! I can just imagine you eating all those cookies haha. I love you so much my sweet sister!

Buggie Boo