Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Preggo Hormones = Buying Stock in Kleenex

Normally I just need Kleenex for blowing my nose, but these days it's coming in handy to dry my eyes too. Yes, the preggo hormones are working in overdrive, and my tear ducts are trying their hardest to keep up! Today, the water works are most likely due to the fact that I'm lonely and missing Aaron. I know, I know, he's coming home soon, but someone please tell my eyes that, because they aren't listening to me...and they're red and puffy to proove it!

On a happier note, my little boy has been quite active today which has been such a comfort. It's kinda hard to stay sad when I feel him moving around in there, so that been a huge blessing! His little kicks are a reminder to me of just what I'm doing here, and they keep me motivated to stay strong and to be patient.

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Gwen said...

Way to go, Gracie! So proud of you and all you are doing to bring your precious baby boy into the world! Aaron is holding Miles right now while he has the hiccups. He gets kind of grumpy when he has the hiccups so loving arms arms are always comforting. Aaron is going to be a great dad!!

I love you, sis!