Thursday, January 31, 2008

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Hehe! I love you, Grandma and Mema! Have fun learning from Dad's tutorial!


Mema said...

Hello, precious!!!! It is fun working on another computer not like mine!!!!

We are enjoying spending time with your family here and see Aaron, too. Baby Miles surely has grown up so much since New Year's Day. Now he really looks so big compared to Isabella Marie! It will be such fun getting all these littlle ones together when yours is with them, too!

I Love you, so much!!! Bless you on the couch!!! Mema xxxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxxxoxxoxo

Grandma said...

Dear Grace,
I'm so glad that "old dogs" can learn new tricks! We have just had a great time as always being with your family and it was especially nice to have Aaron with us. Just wish you were here with us too!
I'm planning on coming to CC sometime soon, so look forward to seeing then. In the meantime, I will look foward to your blog and keeping up with Baby Aldape,
We love you very much, Grandma