Friday, January 18, 2008


As I go through each day of this pregnancy, I can't help but to remember my other sweet babies.

Gideon, our first baby, was such a blessing. Since I was on bedrest with him for 5 weeks, I was able to enjoy each second with him. I still remember his precious little kicks, and all the time and love that we were able to devote to him to try to "save" his life. In the end, Jesus took him home, and I finally really knew the meaning of what being saved really is. Gideon is safe in the arms of Jesus, and if we really think about it, that's where we all really want to be.

Daniel, our second precious boy, was a spark of hope, and a joy to be a mommy to. I can recall laying down, and feeling that first little kick of life within me. The next day, Daniel went home to Heaven, and was able to truly be free. I can imagine him running and playing with Gideon, and it was and still is a comfort to know that they are there together.

Our two "Angel Babies" are yet another reminder of the love that Aaron and I have for each other. Though I only have my positive pregnancy tests as physical reminders of their existence, they are just as real to me as my boys. Not a day goes by that I don't think of and remember all my precious children. They really are a blessing from the Lord, and I am thankful that He is watching over them and keeping them safe until Aaron and I can meet them in God's Glory Land.


Aldape family said...

Those are precious memories of your children! What a blessing it is that you and Aaron will be reuninted with them one day! Praise Jesus for the way he works all things in accordance to his perfect will.

Ron Pittman said...

Hi Grace,

There's something very special about "remembering..." words, emotions, surroundings, feelings, hurts, joys, tears, laughter... the light of our souls are wrapped in these memories.

As I remember your childhood... from your earliest days, I've been able to see what makes you so very special and beautiful from the inside out: living out of the caring and compassionate spirit that God has given you and the choice you have made to walk in His sovereign ways. God is SO GOOD... and even in remembering... you are looking ahead with a divine perspective.

I love you BIG BIG TIME!


Vanessa said...

When I get down, and you, reading my posts know that, i think about you and Aaron. Who would have known the day i met you guys was for you to offer me emotional support thru your experience. I truly am so happy for deserve the healthiest and most beautiful baby in the world! :) And you're an adorable prego!