Saturday, January 12, 2008

And the best husband of the year award goes to...

...Aaron! To say that my husband is a blessing is an understatement. He has truly taken on the challenge of keeping up with work and taking care of me 24/7 to a whole new level. A typical day for him includes waking up early to get to work by 7:00, working 10 hours or so, coming home and then taking care of me (and that's where the work really starts!).

Aaron has become quite domestic around the house, and has taken on the role of house chef to the extreme!:) Hardly a day goes by that he's not on the computer "researching" some new recipe or another, and boy, can he cook! It's really amazing! He has always liked to cook, but I never realized just how good he was at it until now. It's been fun to see the variety of meals that he's come up with, and we're always adding new favorites to our recipe collection.

Besides the daily cooking, cleaning and general help around the house, Aaron has been a devoted husband in many other ways as well. In his words, he says that he likes to "dote" on me, and he is forever sensitive and attuned to my needs and wants. From running out to purchase my latest craving, to rubbing my feet, Aaron truly is the best hubby a pregnant wife could wish for.

I am so thrilled and excited to be "incubating" a sweet little boy for my husband to call his own son. As a wife, I can think of no greater way to thank my husband for all of his devotion than by giving him a healthy baby. In only a matter of months I will get to see Aaron as the wonderful father that I know he is. What a joy it will be to see him holding our son. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I love the blog!! What an excellent way to express how the Lord is encouraging you during this preganacy!! I know the Lord has great plans through our precious nephew! This has already been an amazing testament to Gods love and faithfulnees. Yay, for Aaron and tending to your needs!
We love y'all

Anonymous said...

PS- Ava may soon be famous in the blogging world...her blog is coming soon!!!

Vanessa said...

Aaron really is a great guy! As well as a great husbnad he's a great med student and will make a great dad! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this entry Grace! Aaron is a great guy, isn't he? I am proud to call him my brother-in-law. And you are such a great sister, and wife to Aaron! What an awesome blessing you all must be to each other!! I love you both! - Glenna

Anonymous said...


That blog was incredible! I am so thankful that the Lord has so greatfully blessed the two of you! Your baby boy will have two of the greatest, most encouraging parents around. I will most definitely be keeping you two in my prayers!


Kristen C.

Ron Pittman said...

Okay, okay... but was there anyone else on the ballot?

As for all those new recipes... hey Aaron, how 'bout trying some of the winners out on your father in-law?!! (Unless of course, you're getting your recipes from "1001 Ways to Smack Down a Chili Dog." May have to pass on that!